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5 luglio 2011

All too often I come across articles that spew peremptory judgements on wines and I wonder if it wouldn’t be better if their authors were to state that they are  merely expressing a personal opinion, which is basically what they are doing, without obviously robbing them of the right to do so.

If I don’t like a wine, I wouldn’t dream of insulting it, because it’s a product of the earth, it’s part of a project of life and it’s what guarantees a place and the people that live there a livelihood, a means to survive.

We producers can’t just stand back and allow anyone who simply pops out of nowhere and decides they’re going to be a journalist or a blogger, whatever, to take these kinds of liberties.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be able to express criticism, what I’m talking about are explicit direct attacks like those I seem to be seeing more and more of, aimed solely at attracting readers and provoking a response.

We have to take the situation in hand and draw up the framework for the future of wine communication and criticism; we producers have to dictate the rules and decide how to approach the end customer, without too much “pollution”.

Amo sulla tavola,
quando si conversa,
la luce di una bottiglia
di intelligente vino.
Lo bevano;
ricordino in ogni
goccia d`oro
o coppa di topazio
o cucchiaio di porpora
che l`autunno lavorò
fino a riempire di vino le anfore,
e impari l`uomo oscuro,
nel cerimoniale del suo lavoro,
e ricordare la terra e i suoi doveri,
a diffondere il cantico del frutto.

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  1. David permalink
    6 luglio 2011 11:35 pm

    I always assume the opinion is personal unless they state a broader authority for their views. Noam Chomsky taught us all to gather information from multiple sources, most of the time somewhere in the normalised expression of opinion is the truth. If all expressed opinion is negative, aside from mass hysteria the object of the piece is likely to be less than satisfactory. It is normally impossible to know the prejudice of or influences on the writer or speaker. So, as an Aussie I have grown up with a very health dose of cynicism, it is a good basis for critical analysis.


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