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Nizza makes its debut with #harvest14

25 luglio 2014

It’s definite: Nizza docg will be available from the 2014 harvest. 

The new regulations for the super Barbera made in the area of excellence consisting of 18 municipal districts south of Asti, located around the town of Nizza Monferrato, should come into force this year.


The announcement comes from Filippo Mobrici, appointed just a few weeks ago as head of the Consorzio di Tutela Vini d’Asti e del Monferrato: “By the end of July – says the president – the National Committee will examine the papers of the public assessment for the new Nizza regulations, then all we need is the go-ahead from Brussels. Without wishing to create any kind of illusion, we can safely say that the path to the new regulations has been clearly laid”.
The procedure for the “new” Nizza docg began just a few days before Christmas 2013, when the Consortium Members’ Meeting unanimously approved the renewed regulations. The positive response of the Comitato vitivinicolo nazionale came just a few weeks later.Now the public assessment has been carried out, convened by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies on the 7th of July in Isola d’Asti.


The dream of linking the name of a Barbera to its production territory has come true: the Associazione Produttori del Nizza (whose president is Gianluca Morino) has believed in this since November 2002, when the association was first set up. Today, the Association’s faith has been rewarded.
The main innovations that have been introduced into the regulations: the new Nizza is 100% Barbera.


The alcohol content cannot be enriched. Nizza will not be made in years in which the grapes are unsuitable.

There will also be a Nizza Riserva, which will spend at least 30 months (a minimum of 12 in wooden barrels) in the cellar. 


Nizza docg in figures:
160 hectares
18 Municipalities 
250 thousand bottles
44 estates
46% export (Germany, Switzerland, USA, China, Netherlands and Denmark)
2000: the first vintage
19 November 2002: the birth of the Associazione Produttori del Nizza

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