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Thinning Barbera for the harvest 2014

20 agosto 2014




As this has been a very humid and rainy summer, as well as carrying out severe thinning to leave just one small bunch on each cane, it is vital to fully expose the fruit-bearing area. 


The bunches need sun and air and the possibility to dry quickly after it’s rained (which, up to now, has been almost every day).


The photo shows a vineyard thinned to produce 5-6 tonnes of grapes per hectare, which is well below the maximum yields for #Nizza (7 tonnes/ha).

We really want to make something decent and are fighting as hard as we possibly can against the harsh weather conditions.

If God decides to grant us a little bit of sunshine, we will be ready to reap the rewards. #don’tgiveupnow


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