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Exit pool #Niades 2014

24 settembre 2014

It’s coming to something when even your hands smell of #Brachetto, and it’s a mix of extremely rare scents: wild roses, wild strawberries and violet.


The #Brachetto grape variety is very sensitive to the soil and in order to understand how it adapts and which is its favourite  terroir all you have to do is come and sniff the various tanks in which cold maceration is taking place.

Poor white soil rich in heavy stone conveys freshness, elegance and finesse, so much so that measuring the sugar levels is purely an exercise in perfectionism.

It’s totally unnecessary.


#Brachetto expresses itself in other forms.


This year, as I’m not obliged to comply with any production regulations, I’m going to choose the transformed alcohol content that’s best for #niades.

I think it’ll be around a maximum of 4.5% by volume, to achieve a more delicate wine and a fresher aroma. Having more acidity (luckily) I need more residual sugars to reach the perfect balance.

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