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#orizzonteNizza 2015 work in progress

2 aprile 2015

At work to organise one of the locations where #orizzonteNizza, the annual appointment focused on #Nizza and dedicated to the foreign press, will be held during the second weekend in May.

The cooperation with the organisers of #nebbioloPrima, Albeisa, and the Gheusis agency continues, to offer foreign journalists the possibility to enjoy a double appointment with #Nebbiolo and #Barbera, presented in its finest expression.

At last we will be able to talk about the new regulations for Nizza docg, which, from the 2014 harvest, allows the producers to call the wine by the same name as the territory, crowning a commitment which we have been pursuing for more than ten years.
This year we will be hosted by a great family of entrepreneurs, the driving force behind an articulate, dynamic, innovative enterprise which the entire area is rightly proud of: Berta.


Here we are at Villa Castelletto in Castelletto Molina, a beautiful structure nestling in the countryside of our splendid hills.







Orizzonte Nizza will be divided into several different moments:
-tastings and analyses of Nizza, here at Villa Castelletto on Saturday the 9th of May.
-tastings of different vintages of Nizza and other Barberas explained directly by the producers in Casalotto di Mombaruzzo at the headquarters of the Berta Distillery, on Sunday the 10th of May.


-tours of the “Nizza Vineyards” in search of the biodiversity that, fortunately, dominates this part of Piedmont.


We’ll see if we can “steal” a few cherries while we’re out and about, and explain a little bit about our history.

Every hill is a web of stories and memories, and it’s time to put them together in a modern and smart story that everyone can benefit from.

Our sincerest thanks go to the Berta Family, in memory of Gian.


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