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Harvest 2015 #Dolcetto

27 luglio 2015

Dolcetto is the red grape variety that is most advanced at the moment and seems not to be affected by the extreme climate.


And this isn’t always a foregone conclusion because it is a demanding and delicate grape variety.  It’s behaving just like it did last year, despite this summer being exactly the opposite to last year’s. Is it a mystery or is it all down to the fact that the plant benefits so much from the wild grasses that have been allowed to grow between the rows of vines for over 15 years? It is generally thought that, when we used to turn over the soil, the plants used to suffer more during heatwaves  and drought, even without root competition from weeds.

I think that balance is the answer, with stronger, healthier plants, which endure less stress, due to the fact that I started thinning in 1993.

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