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Racking in progress

1 dicembre 2016

By carrying out repeated racking operations, we are able to remove the lees which, being made up of solids formed of skins, colloids, dead yeast and lots of other things, are heavier and settle in layers at the bottom of the tank.
Racking aerates red wine, making it easier to understand how prompt operation can influence the quality of the final sensorial qualities.
In recent years I have tended to rack my wines much more than in the past, when I was slightly fixated with “elevage sûr lie”.
Now I prefer to reason exclusively in terms of clean wines, especially when it comes to Barbera with very marked structures, like those harvested in 2016.
The thicker and more concentrated a wine is, the easier it is to miss an unpleasant odour or a “closed” sensation, as these are masked by the fruit and character of a young Barbera.
Interestingly, if a Barbera isn’t aerated sufficiently when young, closed sensations can reappear after months or years in the bottle.
Over a long ageing period for example, after 7-8 years in the bottle, a lack of aeration of a young Barbera generates that relative and typic fungal note

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