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Niades. Freedom.

21 marzo 2016

Every now and then,  #Brachetto must, which is stored at 0°C with an alcohol content of approximately 0% volume, has to be filtered to prevent fermentation and to preserve the fresh, aromatic notes.


A mechanical filtration technique is used, with fossil flour, to form a panel so fine that it is able to trap all the colloids and yeasts.
One of the students of the Master in Italian wine culture recently asked me an emblematic question: “how much is Brachetto filtered?”
It was emblematic because it seemed to be a question conditioned by reading a load of ridiculous things about cellar techniques and  filtration that litter the web.
In this case, without innovation and technology it would be impossible to make such a fragrant, crisp, aromatic and versatile #Niades.
In the case of #Brachetto, the rule of “the old fashioned way” or “according to tradition” does’t work, because it didn’t used to be made and, in the few cases in which it was made, it was undrinkable: dry, no aroma whatsoever, and bitter.
So don’t let yourself be conned by the new evangelizers of old fashioned wines. Assess the situation case by case, according to culture and conscience.
Innovation to preserve and bring to the glass the gift nature has given us.

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